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Session Spotlight

Session: Health-BOL

Session Chair: Dan Masiga

• What does your proposed session cover? Why is it important to barcoding?

The session covers disease vectors and pathogens of medical and veterinary importance.   Vector-borne pathogens are of considerable public health and economic importance globally, perhaps more significantly in the tropics.  Barcoding can provide data that will help better understand vector and pathogen variability, and epidemiology, with potential value for designing control efforts.

• What is your vision for the 4th Conference?

I see the 4th conference providing evidence of increased application of barcoding as a tool for various studies, beyond generation of barcode libraries.  I see more opportunities for networking south-south, and south-north.

• What research do you do?

My research is in disease vector-pathogen studies, with an aim of developing tools for disease management.

• If people are interested in this topic, what can they do to get involved in addition to submitting an abstract?

The HealthBOL discussion group is a fantastic way to meet people interested in the topic, and to search for potential collaborators.

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