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Project: Tephritid Barcode Initiative (TBI)

This is one of a series of barcoding project profiles.

TBI, the Tephritid Barcode Initiative is a two-year "demonstration project" that will create an operational system for identifying fruit flies around the world. TBI will barcode at least five representatives of all tephritid fruit flies that are either (1) agricultural pests, (2) beneficial species used for biological control of other pests, (3) closely related to pests or beneficial species; and (4) representative species from other families of tephritids. TBI plans to obtain barcodes from approximately 2000 species of the estimated 4500 known tephritid species.



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Comment by Brian E. Isabirye on November 15, 2010 at 12:24pm
This definately a very resourceful site fo my project


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