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Hi every one.

Is anyone working on Barcoding marine yeast? Since I believe very little work is been done with marine yeast, I have started sequencing marine yeast species collected around Indian waters. This is self funded work. I also look for collaboration and joint publications if any are willing. 

So far I have collected 27 genera from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. Looking forward to produce at least 200 barcodes. Planned to increase the number of barcodes based on collaborations. Please contact me if any are interested.

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Comment by Prasanna Kumar on April 9, 2014 at 7:33am

Thanks to 

The project "DNA Barcoding Marine Yeast [DBMY]" started with small hope of producing 200 barcodes for marine yeast in Indian waters. Thanks to collaborations from connect.barcodeoflife members, the project concluded with 1027 DNA barcodes from 159 species of marine yeasts. Manuscript under prep, may be communicated within this month. Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation. I thank this network for bridging every one and making this effort a grand success. :-)

Comment by Prasanna Kumar on February 21, 2014 at 4:57am

Thanks for the collaborations. We have reached more than 1000 barcodes. Still 250 are yet to be sequenced. I am looking for additional collaborators. The manuscript is under prep. May be submitted on first week of march. Cheerio


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