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Project: Bee Barcode of Life Initiative (Bee-BOL)

This is one of a series of barcoding project profiles.

Bee-BOL, the Bee Barcode of Life Initiative, is a global effort to coordinate the assembly of a standardized reference sequence library for all ~20,000 bee species. Bee-BOL is creating a valuable public resource in the form of an electronic database containing DNA barcodes, images, and geospatial coordinates of examined specimens. The database contains linkages to voucher specimens, information on species distributions, nomenclature, authoritative taxonomic information, collateral natural history information and literature citations.



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Comment by bridget aito on June 14, 2011 at 8:11am
i would like to be involved in the BEE-BOL project,i am presently working on a species of the african honey bee,apis mellifera adansonni, i already have some samples ready for barcoding


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