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Any field trips planned for 2011?

Are you planning a field trip to the Arctic or Antarctic in 2011, or know of expeditions that have extra space for one or more additional participants? Please advertise your plans to fellow polar barcoders under this thread.

Let's take advatage of joint efforts!



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Hi Torbjørn,

The Northern Biodiversity Program ( is visiting 6 sites this summer, 4 of which are located in the Arctic or Subarctic ecoclimatic zones of Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories: Ogilvie Mountains (YT), Kugluktuk (NT), Banks Island (NT) and Victoria Island (NT).  We are collecting aquatic- and terrestrial arthropods and will be using malaise traps, yellow pan traps, and pitfall traps, among other collecting techniques.  We would be happy to hear from specialists with interest in our 'non-target' by-catch.

Cheers,  Doug

Sounds great Doug!

Do you have an overview of the most common 'non-target' by-catch for people that are not all too familiar with the project?

Cheers, Torbjørn

Field Work on Jan Mayen

We have got an unusual opportunity to do some field work on the remote Arctic Island of Jan Mayen in the end of July. We will mainly collect terrestrial arthropods using Malaise traps and nets, but will also retrieve soil samples, plant fragments and tissue samples of birds. The groups we will be targeting for barcoding are mainly Diptera. Please contact me if you are interested in looking at other arthropod taxa!


Hello Torbjørn,


Is there any possibility of getting access to soil samples? We are interested in studying the soil nematodes using high-throughput methods based primarily on barcoding.





Yes, we intend to take soil samples to retrieve soil arthropods (in collaboration with Steven Coulson on Svalbard), but I am unsure if the methods that Steve uses will preserve nematodes well. Are you interested in extracting DNA from the soil or just the nematodes? If yes, I could try to take a few parallell samples and send some your way. Please let me know what will be the optimal sample (substrate type, preservation etc.)


Hello Torbjørn,


Thank you for the reply. We are interested to extract DNA from soil and then we will use nematode specific primers.

We need soil samples from top few cms (5-6 cms at the most) and if the sample can be preserved in molecular grade ethanol (90%) that would be perfect. The samples if collected in duplicate would be great. There is no preference in terms of substrate type.


Thank you so much for your help.

Best wishes


Hi again

I will try to send some samples your way, but cannot promise much since the amount of ethanol that we will be able to take with us is quite limited.




Thanks Torbjørn.

Hi Torbjørn

Is there any update since my last email to you?



Hi PB,

unfortunately, the trip last year was not as successful as we hoped for. In fact, we never made it to Jan Mayen as the weather prevented the military aircraft to land. We flew over the island two days in a row, but in both cases the clouds were too low for the pilots to see the landing strip...

Sorry about that... and for not letting you know sooner...




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