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There were several papers on barcoding medicinal plant given at the last two international barcoding conferences in Taipei and Mexico City.  I'm wondering if there is potential for regional or maybe even global barcoding projects on medicinal plants.  Are any of you working on them and are you aware of any large-scale initiatives?  CBOL would be interested in helping to promote such a project and the prospects for funding are good, I think.


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Hi David,

That sounds great. I was looking for this chance and I even talked to people in Guelph biodiversity two months ago about it. I think I can find enough scientists in Iran who are interested in this project. I have already contacted them and will let you know about their decision.
Hi David,

we are currently working on barcoding medicinal plants that are used in traditional chinese medicine and we want to establish a collection of the respective plants in the botanical garden of the university.
I am not aware of any (other) large scale medicinal plants barcoding project so far. Additional funding would for sure increase the data output, analysis capacities and speed up the processing of 300+ plant species. We would greatly appreciate any information on how to apply for funding.

Hi David,

We are currently busy with a barcoding project on medicinal plants of South Africa. I think the Nigerians have also started barcoding medicinal plants – I will try and find out.

Hi Michelle

I am sure that you are familiar with the fact that the genus Clivia is used by the rural people as traditional medicine. The aim of our project was not directed on traditional medicine, but we have a large number of barcodes for a variety of Clivia samples representing all the species, which can contribute to a medicinal database for South African plants. I do not know if there exists such a data base, but it is something to be considered.

David - I think it is a good idea to have a global barcoding project on medicinal plants - please keep us up to date.

Kind regards
Respected prof David,
My self Dr. Kalpesh Ishnava form Vallabh Vidynagar, Gujarat, India. I am strated the groups of medicinal plants recently in the connect.BarcodeoLife.I am very much thankful for think about for medicinal plants. I am working the area of medicinal plants and also very clean intrest in this line. Your contery great potetinal for the medicinal plants. India is under the twelve mega biodiversity contery.In your contery no body work in this line. I am very much intrested in the line of DNA Barcoding in medicinal plants. I am last few month try for the tranning programme and tranning for barcoding but i am failed for the last one year. I am also try with Prof Mark Chase but some fincinal problem i could not reach the lab of Prof.Mark Labs. I am clean intrest in the DNA barcoding in the medicinal plants. I am request for help for in this regard for train to me some body chance i am within short time (six month) train and after handeling the project for medicinal plants. I am hope in this regard you help to me.
Dear Prof. Dr. E. Schindel,
It is very right time to introduce my co-supervisor in M.Phil. (2001), Prof. Dr. Zabta Khan Shinwari (Taxonomist and Molecular Systematist, molecular biologist) Chairman, Department of Biotechnology, has recently started project on Barcoding of Medicinal Plants of Pakistan. Here, I am adding the link of his website for details:
His email address is
DNA barcoding, molecular ecology, population genetics and conservation of endemic and endangered medicinal plants will be my future research interests for the Post-Doc and also as independent researcher.
Dear Prof David,
Im Nurul from Mallaca, Malaysia. We have been working on plant DNA bank project and developing the DNA Markers of Malaysia medicinal, aromatic, and ornamental plants since 2004 until now. To date, we successfully collecting DNA and markers for 300++ plant species (700 plants accessions). We have a very keen interests in developing more powerful markers but have very limited funding. We still strugggling in getting more funding to upgrade our barcoding project and the bioinformatic platform for this. Also interested in international join project in medicinal plant group barcoding or availability of funding to apply for. Looking forward for new update. Thanks.
Hi David,
To respond to michelle's post if we in Nigeria are doing some work in Medicinal plants. the answer is yes we are,
The meeting yeld in Nigeria, we agreed that the country for start should focus on medicinal plants, so far we have over 20 students working in the UPsBOL group (Usefull Plants BOL Group) with Prof Odgundipe as head of the group and am assisting him in the co-ondination.
We will be happy to do a presentation of all our projects so you could see the extent of work done and the areas of assistance needed.
thank you
It seems that there is significant interest in barcoding medicinal plants. Are there any international meetings for medicinal plants at which we might organize a session on barcoding? We can definitely organize one at the Fourth International Barcode of Life Conference but that won't be for another year.
Dear David,

together with Thomas Horn we are presently running a project to barcode a large number of TCM plants and their potential adulterants for diagnostic purposes. A similar project has been launched for Ayurvedic plants. We keep all specimens as a life collection in the Botanical Garden of the KIT. However, we are running out of money, because this is done by non-purpose funds that are of course limited. Do you have an idea, where and how one could get funding, maybe also as a larger group, since this topic seems to be "hot" as one can see from the rapidly growing list of responses.

Peter Nick
I am currently working on a collaborative project of barcoding medicinal species form the pantropical genus Pterocarpus. And I think large scale projects (sampling from a specific geographic region or a specific taxonomic group) are very exciting. I would love to hear more from people here.
There is a symposium at the next IBC conference in Melbourne next year on Plant DNA Barcoding, however it is not specifically about medicinal plants.
Dear David,

I am glad to read your message. Currently we have a project called: "DNA barcodes on medicinal plants with importance for the production and trade in Peru". Oour goal is to identify the barcodes for our three main generas. But on december 2010 the project is done and we are looking for new funding to can go deeper in this kind of research. I will appreciate if you have some information abour this. I believe that we should promote this kind of projects, get our focus on medicinal plants in order to avoid all the miss identification between them and the wrong extraction of plants because the biochemical compounds founded in one specie but not in others that are similars to the correct one.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Hope to hearing from you soon.

Diego Pignataro



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