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There were several papers on barcoding medicinal plant given at the last two international barcoding conferences in Taipei and Mexico City.  I'm wondering if there is potential for regional or maybe even global barcoding projects on medicinal plants.  Are any of you working on them and are you aware of any large-scale initiatives?  CBOL would be interested in helping to promote such a project and the prospects for funding are good, I think.


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Dear David,

I known I am a quite late to respond to this! 

My team in Maharashtra (India) is working on barcoding medicinal plants of Western Ghats of Indian. We are working towards barcoding a very complex genus Drimia.  we have recently planned to include 6 complex genus of medicinal plants belonging to the same region of the state. We have started looking for funding agencies to support the project. 


This project will be in collaboration with Shivaji University (Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India) and Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil University (Mumbia, Maharashtra, India). 


Hi, I am intrested in the barcoding project on medicinal plants. I am just started my work in this line. I am working in the Gujarat, India. I am lot of problem for handeling this work. But it is really good for betterment for human life. I hope in this line scattered work going on world level. But no larger group in this line work. I am write now work in the are of traditional medicinal plants. we would greatly apprication any information on how to geneting the fund for this work. where the apply for the project and genreting the fund.  

Kalpesh Ishnava

Dear David,

It sounds I am late to respond to this! We just started a project in title: DNA Barcoding of Iranian medicinal plants, there are at least 1700+ endemic medicinal plants in Iran which we want to barcode them. We would greatly appreciate any information on how to apply for funding.

Best Regards,



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