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Hello! My name is Helena Davies and I am working on Barcode UK at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. We are using Biocode LIMS, which has been fantastic in managing our data. However we have come across one problem that we were wondering if someone could help us with: on cherry picking our samples from PCR to sequencing plates, we were wondering whether we could cherry pick the samples to put them in an order of our choosing on the sequencing plates. Is this possible? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks,


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Hi there Helena,

Great to hear you're using the plugin!  There are a couple of ways to accomplish what you want to do:

1) Note down the extraction id's for each well as you cherry pick.  Then when you create a new PCR plate, you can paste these values into the bulk editor (see ) in the 'Extraction Id' column.  Choose the locus, and all your workflows should be filled in and linked up automatically

2) If you are cherry picking extractions and using 2D barcoded wells there is also a useful shortcut - scan each initial extraction plate, and import the well id's using 'Import Extraction Barcodes' (in the tools menu of the bulk editor of your extraction plate).  When you create your new cherry picked extraction plate, scan the plate and import the scans as before,then click 'Fetch Extractions from Barcodes' (also in the tools menu).  The plugin will pull all information for the extractions from their original plates and move them to the new extraction.

Please let me know if you have any other questions



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