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This is a bulletin board for adding FISH-BOL relevant publications. Please add citations, links and/or PDFs as appropriate in the comments field below.


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This review paper summarizes the aims and progress of FISH-BOL (as of late 2008) and is recommended reading for those new to the campaign or anyone who is interested in learning more about barcoding as practiced on fishes.
This paper was the first to document widespread market substitution in North American seafood using DNA barcoding and highlights the problems associated with different accepted common market names across national jurisdictions...
attached is a very recent paper which used DNA barcoding to identify the eggs being eaten by an aggregation of whale sharks

Thank you, Lee. This looks great! I'm doing diet work on cownose rays and have focused on known prey species as a start. I need to sequence the cownose ray as just now starting on that this week. If you know off-hand of elasmobranch papers I should start with, that would be a tremendous help. Feel free to pass on anything you may think of...ideas/papers/suggestions. It would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much,


This paper highlights the role of barcoding in the identification of ingested toxins resulting from seafood mislabeling and describes the ensuing public health response by the US Food and Drug Administration.

The October 2011 issue of Mitochondrial DNA, Volume 22, Number S1 is now available for download.

This is a special issue for the Mexico City FishBol sessions: The Fish Barcode of Life.



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