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We are pleased to announce the availability of the BOLD 3.0 public beta, the latest iteration of the BOLD platform. There have been significant revision made to support an increasing diversity of workflows and an increasing volume of data. A major advance is the activation of Barcode Index Numbers (BINs), an interim taxonomic system for animals, and an annotation framework that supports rapid community based validation of barcode data. Although, this software is beta and still has bugs, its database is synchronized with BOLD 2.5 ensuring that data submitted and revisions made in either version is available from both.

As a beta version, there will be some bugs in the system. Please report them to, we will endeavor to resolve them within a short period of time. To ensure that barcoding activities that depend on BOLD are not interrupted and that users of the system are given sufficient time to migrate to the new version, BOLD 2.5 ( will continue to remain operational for many months.

BOLD v3 beta is available at

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Dear Megan,

I have serious problems with using v3 with my internet browser (Internet Explorer). Is the use of Internet Explorer known to generally hamper the functionalities of v3? I can open, for instance, the full project list and also a single project, but I cannot access the single data ("view all data") from the project console. The "view all data" bottom and the "record search" bottom are not functional.



Hi Axel,

We are still working on IE compatibility.  This should be resolved in the coming weeks.  At this time, it is working for most other browsers well.  I will send an update once the IE issues are resolved!


good to know, many thanks, dear Megan! Axel



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