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Hi Everyone.....

I am working DNA Barcoding of Crabs and have taken ambulatory leg to extract DNA from it. I got many small crabs and those have very little Muscle tissue. If i use ambulatory leg, will Chitin interfere in this process? Is there any alternative method to isolate DNA from leg tissue?Please reply if anyone has idea?

Respected Sir,
Can you kindly tell me how to concatenate the sequences of two or more locus.
Thanking you.
With regards

Dear Amrita,

Try software SeaView.


Respected Sir,

Thanks A lot Sir for your help.

With regards


Dear All,

Kindly inform me if any opportunity regarding lab training of Barcoding (Specially Beetles) in any country with in low fee.



Hi everyone, I am currently working the use of CO1 to resolve photogenic problems within marine nematode species.. I want to know if there is any fragment called I3m6 fragment of CO1. I am very new to the field so I need some understanding.

Thank you all


i am doing DNA barcoding of medicinal plant can any on give me detail steps use in DNA barcoding after sequencing.

Hoping that this is the appropriate forum to post my first question (apologies if it's not - please direct me!).

I'm hoping that someone in the barcoding community can help me figure out who is best to contact regarding a fairly technical question (below). It concerns using the database and my inability to create a specific file type using their site's directions. If you don't mind perusing the specific question and have any ideas whom is best to ask I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much,



I've been using BOLD's database (via their API) to generate a FASTA file containing all COI sequence related to "Arthropoda". The following script in my terminal worked just fine:


However, I have also wanted to create an arthropod-specific taxonomy file. When I use their API URL Generator tool to produce a .tsv file the file appears to be in an .xml format. This was the command:


Excel thinks that the file is tab-separated, but it displays text with the < and > boarders typical of an xml file. Looking at the raw file in my terminal's text editor (nano) also shows these boarder symbols suggesting it's not a problem with opening the file, rather, it's the nature of the file itself. It seems as though my file behaves like a .tsv in Excel but looks like an .xml.

I was hoping someone could clarify if my code was wrong or if there is an alternative to generating a taxonomy list from BOLD. Ultimately this taxonomy file should contain two values: a column containing the BOLD identification, and a column containing the entire taxonomic structure of that ID (kingdom --> species).

Thanks for your thoughts,


I have done DNA Barcoding of Aphids of Pakistan. In the new version of BOLD systems there are some new tools like Geo-Distance Correlation, Cluster Sequences, Diversity measures. Do someone have idea how to use them and interpret their results??

Moreover I have some speciem that need to be identified on morphological bases. Is there someone expertise with Aphid Taxonomy?



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