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Dr Muhammad Ashfaq, already have done a lot of work in this field, you can get contact him

Indian system is such that everybody is researching in a concealed way and do not share anything except what is published. Requests for papers are ignored. Many of the research theses are found missing from libraries and no e-records are maintained. Even a small country like Pakistan,  has website of Higher Education with freely available for downloading. Senior researchers, remove the reference copy of their thesis from library; denying researchers of the old records, perhaps find their research to be substandard on revisit. Field of taxonomy, including Barcoding, requires old references descriptions and photographs, as some time the collections in the repositories are not worth handling. Till the system changes, only handful of researchers, with access to univ museums will flourish rest will remain dumped. International fraternity must build pressure on Indian authorities so that Indian works should immediately be transferred to some e-portal for utilization by all including not so big names. Low finance availability , nexus, to keep works restricted, ill coo-rdinations, demands for fees for small small works for short gains by institutes do not make scenario of research ideal. Hope better things will take roots and research environment improves in India

This is my old reply

Since the update to BOLD v3, it seems the BOLD API does not work. Does anyone know if there is a new API in the works anywhere?

Thanks! Scott Chamberlain

Hi !

I am new to this network. Please guide me how can I approach to Medicinal plants barcoding group and discussions.

BOLDSystems does not differentiate between medicinal and non-medicinal plants. It is based on taxonomic groups - families, genera etc. Visit the portal, proceed to taxonomy and to the group of your choice - say magnoliophyta--where you find angiosperms. I am from zoology, but have a bit knowledge of plants as well. You can look for such groups on Facebook or yahoo. Also see on the panel of Barcode of life connect there is link for on it and proceed to Medicinal Plants

im working in cyanobacteria. planning to barcode cyanobacteria...16s rDNA is used for identification process, which gene i have to choose...shall i take phycocyanin gene for barcoding. im confused in selecting gene for barcoding. please give me suggestions in this regard.  

hello im from mexico and i would like to know if there are molecular markers for some species of birds where can i find that information???

we are a arachinologist & molecular biologist group working at zoology department university of the punjab,pakistan.we are  interested in barcode of spiders.but how we ll find genus sequence to design the primers for species identification of that genus.there is no genus sequence available

Hi Barcoding community,

I just started a project on ant parasites at the Rockefeller University, and I am working for the first time genetically. So as you can guess I have plentiful questions. I use the software geneious with the biocode plugin and want to say thanks to the great introductory page of the Moorea Biocode project. However, I still have some problems using geneious. One weird thing that does not work is that I give geneious the Plate and well info of my FIMS but it does not work. Any ideas why? I have two columns in my FIMS (plate info and well info). Plate info look like that: Plate001, plate002,... (does it have to be only a number??). Do the well numbers have to be arranged in a special way (A1-A12 or A1-H12)? I think it should be rather easy to connect the FIMS to the LIMS but somehow it does not work. Any ideas?



Hi people, just for people having the same problem, geneious only support the import of FIMS data into 48-, 96-, or 384-well plates. It is not possible to choose a random number of samples (e.g. 10 samples). I fixed it by only filling a part of the 96-well plate and leave the other vials empty. All the Best


I have recently been awarded UGC Project on Inventorization & DNA Barcoding of Pyraloidea of Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandigarh, India It has grant provision of INR 12.60 lacs including salary of Research Scholar. Need some more grant to successfully accomplish the project through development of my own molecular kitchen. Any openings or funds which can be availed. Please guide

Respected sir 

First of  all i congratulation for getting project. i am ph.d scholar and my research problem on DNA barcoding of Mentha species. sir i had 16 acession of five different species of mentha, i had go for sequencing ,can you suggest me how to analyse these sequence in detail. your suggestion is valuable for me. Thank you in advance

With best regard

Vishwa Vijay Thakur

 email id -



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