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Dear Kathy

We are a group working at the Zoology Department and Natural History Museum, Faculty of Science, University of Khartoum, Sudan. We would like to register as "Sudan Barcoding Group".

we already submitted 2 different applications (Department of Zoology and Natural History Museum) for joining the Barcode of Life.


Do you wish to cllaborate with me for a study all species under Genus Puntius in India ? 

                                                                                                      Dr. Sherly P Anand,

                                                                                                      S N College, Kollam, Kerala,



Yes I am interested in collaboration

S. Abukashawa, Sudan

I will definitely like to explore the collaboration. I have bit of background in Lepidoptera
Well I am working on taxonomy of callphoridae from Himalayas, could some body inform me about some barcode intiative on calliphoridae

Hello Meenakshi Ji,

Just go through the protocols and the e-portals on Insects; and have small training  in molecular and bioinformatics aspects. You will find classical taxonomy lending to drastic revisions. I have training in this field, but in absence of coordination and availability of finances for setting up of my own lab, i have not been able to launch my campaign. Calliphoridae is no different from other insects at DNA level. Same procedures apply to it as well


Indian system is such that everybody is researching in a concealed way and do not share anything except what is published. Requests for papers are ignored. Many of the research theses are found missing from libraries and no e-records are maintained. Even a small country like Pakistan,  has website of Higher Education with freely available for downloading. Senior researchers, remove the reference copy of their thesis from library; denying researchers of the old records, perhaps find their research to be substandard on revisit. Field of taxonomy, including Barcoding, requires old references descriptions and photographs, as some time the collections in the repositories are not worth handling. Till the system changes, only handful of researchers, with access to univ museums will flourish rest will remain dumped. International fraternity must build pressure on Indian authorities so that Indian works should immediately be transferred to some e-portal for utilization by all including not so big names. Low finance availability , nexus, to keep works restricted, ill coo-rdinations, demands for fees for small small works for short gains by institutes do not make scenario of research ideal. Hope better things will take roots and research environment improves in India

Dear Dr A P Singh

I do agree with you sir. I think its time to come together and start working in collabration, otherwise it is difficult to save Indian taxonomy and biodiversity in long run. 

I have just finished my PhD on Barcoding of butterflies and faced many problems while trying to do collaborative work. I think its better that we should take initiative to  change minds of taxonomist and pressurize governemnet agencies to change their policies for better results.

Hello Sir,

Iam P Shiv Shekhar Seshendra working on DNA Barcoding of Deep Sea Crabs. Can you have any idea how to get through the classical taxonomy of crabs- Books or web sites? I have already explored Marine Species Identification Portal and OBIS. Are there any further suggestions from your side to improvre my Taxonomical Knowledge? 

Hi All,

I am intrested to do barcoding of coleoptera (Beetles) from Pakistan, but i have no ideas what should i do, could anyone guide me? i need training or collobrate with other researcher.


With Kind Regards

M. Atique Akhter


First and foremost thing is your orientation toward taxonomy... learn it... know its procedures.... how to collect specimens... where to collect from... how to preserve... how to identify them by using print and e-resources... preparation of slides of wings and photography of genitalia and mouth parts, antennae and legs... preparation or updation of existing taxonomic keys of various levels

Then see ... do you have molecular lab with facilities for isolation and amplification of DNA... sequencing of specific nuclear and mitochondrial genes of taxonomic importance... and access to facility of sequencing of the genes.. or you have availability of grants to develop facilities....departments of biotechnology of Universities or other institutes of higher education can be approached... do reply to my message


Dr A P Singh


Dear Dr. A P Singh,

i am working on Elateridae (Coleoptera) and collected and identified many species, i have ideas where they will more collected and slide prepartion also easy to me.

but i do not have ideas about the sequensing of genes or molecular studies , may be i get funds from HEC to develop lab but unfortunatlly i have no experiance to do molecular studies, hope so you'll or other researcher will help me.


Dr. M A Akhter



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