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The entire Science public, members of NIGERBOL, Government officials and regulators of biological conservation of natural resources, conservation enthusiasts, resource providers  and field operators are welcome to the launch of the DNA BARCODE OF LIFE IN NIGERIA CENTRE.

Enquiries, views, comments and contributions of all are welcome while active participation in the collection of live and fossil samples for processing and DNA barcoding at our designated Laboratories are welcome from everyone.

The ownership of this enterprise is open to all well-meaning Nigerians and everyone keen to assist, collaborate and empower the rapid collection and processing for DNA barcoding  the pristine and modifying genome of the vast components of Nigerian biosphere.

Links & info. updates available:

You are all welcome to contribute.



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This is a very welcome development. What institutions and designated laboratories are involved?

Like i told you before, am still interested in Barcode of fishes of North central states of Nigeria. yet to start sample collection. please  can i get your personal email address.

i wish to attend FishBol 2012  conference at Yeosu - korea.

Isa Mohammed




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