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Welcome to Connect, the DNA Barcoder community network!

We hope this network will be a place for communication and collaboration on a global scale, overcoming the rather dispersed nature of DNA barcoder researchers and enthusiasts. 

As a first step, why not introduce yourself to the community via the comment box below? Including your name, institution, interest in DNA barcoding, and what you hope to get from this community would be a great way to start.

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My name is Matt Bowser, Entomologist at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Soldotna, Alaska.  I am not a DNA barcoding expert, but I am hoping to make use of developing DNA barcoding methods for use in inventorying and monitoring arthropod biodiversity on the Refuge.  We plan to start by building up a library of DNA barcodes from specimens in our arthropod collection using classical barcoding methods.  Later, we plan to incorporate environmental sampling methods as part of our more comprehensive Long Term Ecological Monitoring Plan on the Refuge.


My purposes for joining are to seek collaboration for this kind of work and to  learn how others are tackling similar projects.


My taxonomic focus is the bristletails (Microcoryphia or Archaeognatha), especially of northwestern North America, though I do not really consider myself an expert.  I am also interested in Opiliones from the same region.



Am Rebecca Nakacwa working with National Agricultural Research Laboratories, National Biotechnology Research Laboratory, Kawanda, Uganda. lam interested in DNA barcoding of soil nematodes and use them as bio-indicators of soil health in transgenic fields and other environments.


l hope to get collaborators, get to know people in the same fields, grants information, help others to learn the technique etc



I am Camiel Doorenweerd, employed on the DNA Barcoding project at the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis. We are setting-up our lab and creating our pipe-line to reach about 12000 barcoded specimens a year. I am involved in all levels of this, from creating protocols to doing the actual pipetting, from designing the pipe-line to ordering the machines. We have started a few small scale (hundreds of specimens) barcoding projects to see where the we need to invest and aim to ramp up to the bigger projects in the beginning of 2011.


I'll be keeping track of this connect site to see what's going on in the world of barcoding, to meet new people, and of course to find the latest tricks :)




Hi Camiel,

I hope your work is going sounds like an awesome undertaking!  I see this was posted back in December was 2011 for you?  Did you reach your barcoding goals?  I'm starting to sequence my shellfish tomorrow, and wanted to connect with other people doing barcoding work as well.  If you know of anyone who works on shellfish, or have heard of sites/references/papers that I should know about, feel free to pass on a comment or message.  I look forward to hearing more about your work!

All the Best,


Hi everyone!

I am Chelzie Crenna Darusallam, research assistant of Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Indonesia. I am working on the fish DNA barcode project. Nowadays, I am in the pilot project to adapting DNA barcode for microorganism identification. It would be glad if I can discuss it with the others..



Hi there,

I am Emerson, from Brazil, and I just graduated from college. This year I will try to attempt to a master program in Zoology. I'm interested in clitelates (earthworms and leeches) taxonomy. I'm still trying to learn about barcoding, but I already know that it is an amazing tool for many kinds of analyses, specially for identification and for solving taxonomic issues. I hope someday I have an opportunity to have a practical training on barcoding technics.



Hi all,

I am Kare Liimatainen and I am working at the Department of Biosciences,
University of Helsinki, Finland. The focus of my PhD thesis is the molecular
taxonomy of Cortinarius (Agaricales, Fungi), with a special interest on finding
suitable DNA markers for species delimitation and recognition (barcoding). I
have mainly used  ITS-region, but also a little bit of RPB2 and IGS1 regions.
One of my main ideas also is to try to stabilize the nomenclature, so I have
been trying to sequence old type specimens. It can sometimes be done even from
the oldest  herbarium specimens (over 100 years old) . I have collected fungal
material mostly in North Europe, but also in Central and South Europe and North

Dear All,

I am Fabrizio Stefani and I work at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy. I'm interested in phylogeny, phylogeography and species boundaries delimitation trough a molecular approach. In particular, I and other colleagues, would be interested in developing a barcode protocols and database for scleractinian corals. Hope to have a tight collaboration here in this promising net!


Dear Kris,

Thank you for accepting me.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Johannesburg.My research focus is: DNA Barcoding Medicinal Plants of South Africa.I am very excited to be part of this Barcode of Life community, to learn more about barcoding projects, and connect with others who would like to be involved with my work.

Hello every one! I am Aslam, working as Assistant Professor of Botany, at Jamal Mohamed College, India. I am interested in Plant working group. I am in the initial stages of contributing to the science of DNA barcoding. Few areas of interest are as follows.

1. Evolution of cytokinin metabolism in land plants (manuscript preparation is in progress). In the third IBOL conference, I sent an abstract in this topic and I was unable to attend)

2. Identification of endophytic microbes in symptomless tissues of medicinal plants (few of my masters students have isolated these and PCR reactions are on).

We normally outsource for sequencing. At our place barcoding is done mostly for microbes, insects and plants are being neglected group.

Nice to be in touch with this professional network. Thanks to the IBOL initiative.

I am Dr. Mustafa S. Faddagh, Ph.D. in Molecular Ecology
I work in Marine Science center-University of Basrah-Iraq.
I have an experience in Genomic researches.
I interest to learn DNA Barcoding of aquatic animals particularly Fish species.
But I actually need to learn DNA data management and Bioinformatics.

I would appreciate if there is an oppertunity to study the both above topics to assist my speciality in Genome.

I n the same time I will be ready to answer and collaborate with researchers in Genomic.

Many thanks to dear Kris

Dr. Mustafa

Hello! I am studying biology at University of Rome "La Sapienza". My thesis is on DNA-barcode of Antarctica molluscs museum samples, mainly bivalvia and gasteropoda, conserved in ethanol since 2004. Now I am trying to extract and amplify but I have some problem (maybe wrong primers) with several samples.

I have just join this community but I think that will be very helpful!

Best :D




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