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Dear Friends,

I am Dr. Sherly P Anand, Associate Professor , Dept. of Zoology, S N College, Kollam, Kerala, India. I have documented all fishes of one river namely Kakkadar in Western Ghats in Kerala. Identification of some species under Genus puntius faced great difficulty. I wish to conduct barcoding of all fishes coming under this genus in the fresh water bodies in kerala. But we have limited facilities and resources.
I hope that our research group to could find out a solution to conduct barcoding studies of these fishes in Kerala

Dear Dr Anand,
The type of difficulty is not explained. Most likely it is due to nonavailability of barcode data on the Genus Puntius itself as well as genra close to the same leaving a big blank in refernce library of BOLD browser. Here lies the commitment to strengthen the reference database by contributing your efforts on taxonomical identification of these fish genra and species. Alteranively, it may be possible that traditional taxonomy has failed in correctly defining the evolutionary origin of this fish genra. I have not worked with fishes but enormousely with insect species belongin to different orders and families and barcode sequence has proved exceptionally good for their identification through defined coxI sequence.
Dear Mr.Virash Kamal Gupta,
Thank for your reply. My problem is that,there is no facility to barcode my fish tissue samples.How could I use the reference library of Bold without sequecing fishes of our locality?
I have one more request sir,
Can you help me to conduct barcoding of some mosquitos in Kerala?
Simple procedure will be PCR amplify DNA from a very small (~50mg) fish tissue using conserved barcode primers in 5' region of COI of other fish species. The amplicon should be between 600-670 bp. Cut the agarose block containing this DNA band and submit it for sequencing to 'Bangalore Genei', who will custom sequence this DNA using same barcode primer. The sequencing should cost Rs 850 per read and 1700 for both strand read.
Same procedure will be followed for mosquitoes except for you need to isolate total DNA from single mosquito and use insect specific primers for amplification of DNA barcoding region. Information on these primer sequences is available with BOLD in BOLD taxonomy browser. Besides, you have to record all taxonomic parameters used in traditional taxonomy for identifying specific species of fish or mosquitoes with all details on their source of isolation.
Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your kind reply.
Will they extract DNA for us if we provide alcohol presearved samples and how much would they charge per sample for DNA extraction?
If you want even DNa to be extracted by somewhat else, what is going to be your contribution in this work. I feel you are not exposed to even basic procedures of MOlecular Biology. Not difficult, just search some methods for extraction of DNA from insect/ inscet parts. You will find it simple and enjoyable.
asorry fish tissue samples or simply animal tissue samples
Dear Sir
I am meenakshi planning to work on spiders I want to do barcoding of the spider which i am having but i am not getting the way out could you suggest me how to do it
Meenakshi Sharma
Dear Dr. Sherly,
you can send some one to our facility with problematic specimens at Aurangabad we will resolve the problem by DNA barcoding studies,

I am a PhD student of Zoology (Fisheries) in University of Abuja, Nigeria.
pls i want u to assist me with literature materials relevant to discriminating fresh water fishes. I want to work on Tilapia of North Central States of Nigeria,
to start writing my proposal.
Isah, M. C.
Dear madam,
contact Dr Gopalakrishnan or Dr Basheer, head at national bureau of fish genetic resources, CMFRI campus,cochin,
you will get all help , we have done lot of work from periyar river and collected sample for the last five years form kerala so you can have great help....
Hi, i m Abhishek (Ph. D student), my work on sequence and phylogentic analysis in Indian fishes.
thank you for mail.

My special areas: Management of barcode data, Analysis of barcode data, Using barcode data in taxonomy/systematic biology.



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