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We hope this network will be a place for communication and collaboration on a global scale, overcoming the rather dispersed nature of DNA barcoder researchers and enthusiasts. 

As a first step, why not introduce yourself to the community via the comment box below? Including your name, institution, interest in DNA barcoding, and what you hope to get from this community would be a great way to start.

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I hope there has been some kind of mistake, but the blog entry I wrote on the 31st of October that was approved on the 1st of November has now been DELETED! I was approved to be here and the particular article/blog entry that I wrote had to be approved as well. I was very specific in my introduction as to who I was and what I did, so what is the problem. How do you approve a blog entry and then simply delete it; I believe I deserve an explanation.

It's a pleasure to be part of this community. I am interested in fish DNA barcoding and open to learning from you all. I hope to contribute in any way that I can. Thanks.

hello,, everyone.. I am Garima Singh. I have joined PhD this year at Mizoram University, Aizawl, India,  and my research area are phytochemicals and bioactivity of medicinal plants. But for identification of potential medicinal plants and phylogeny analysis I want to do DNA barcoding of medicinal plants. Here I want to connect all the researchers who are working with DNA barcoding for plants.


Hi everyone, 

I am Ojan Salehabadi, an undergrad bio-engineering student in Southern California. I recently got exposed to DNA barcoding through a Malaise Trap Program project that we did in Junior college, and I fell in love. I have also had some experience annotating through an honors project last year, fascinating stuff. I already had a basic DIY bio lab in my garage and I just recently added a PCR machine to it and intend to use it to contribute to the barcoding effort, among other things. I am very novice and I am here for support and guidance, and in turn offering support and guidance when I can. I am doing all this on my own dime, between work and school, and putting together the lab has not been cheap. I am hoping to be able to get enough guidance and help here to be able to run appropriate reactions with the least number of mistakes, with the least cost, and the most output. If any one has any guidance as to what threads/blogs are best for questions and where on this website is the best place for someone like me to start I would appreciate that. I would appreciate anything.

I have been going through the BOL website, and the Connect page here, and I am so proud and uplifted by everything everyone is doing. 

Ojan S. 

Hai respected scientists and young researchers 

I am Mr. Ranjith M T, Ph.D. scholar in the Dept. of Agricultural Entomology, COH Vellanikkara, Kerala Agri University, India. My PhD project is entitled "Identification of larval morphotypes of H. armigera and their characterization using molecular markers.  I have carried out DNA barcoding of H. armigera and Tetragona Irridipennis, which is quiet dependable tool to classify the insects based on similarity of amplifying region in the mt DNA.



           I am Shahana , post graduate student  from Kerala. My project work is on DNA barcoding of rare, endangered medicinal plants. I hope someone help me to select primer for DNA barcoding of medicinal plants. 


   Shahana Muhsina G

   Govt.Brennen College

   Kerala, India.

Dear shahana... Plz see the given link for your reference.





Usually matK, rbc,ITS primers can be used for DNA bacoding of plants...


thanks for your valuable information. thanks alot

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jose and I work as a researcher at the R&D department of TSI, a private company that works in the mining sector. My research focuses on the classification categories; the mathematical structure of taxonomy. We also work in the areas of exobiology and quantum biology. It is great to be in this great community and it is may hope that I can contribute to this great effort.

Thank you very much for accepting me in this group.

Jose Raluy

Hi everyone,

I am Visnja Radovic, I am PhD student at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece. I research geographical origin of royal jelly based on melissopalynology. Thus, I am interested in barcoding methods which can be applied in identification of pollen in royal jelly or mixed pollen samples at species level. I think that the barcoding method is very useful tool and it can be used for determination of geographical origin of bee products.

Best regards, 


Thank You 


I am Ramanth Andhale from Pune, maharashtra (India) I am Doctoral fellow in S.P. Pune university, Pune maharashtra.

Now i working on bee biology and ist diversity from Pune Maharastra. i will continuing this work for DNA bar coding studies of all collected voucher specimen. so i will want to valuable suggestion and guidance from ibol research community . 



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