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This discussion forum contains all the poster, presentation, and video files collected from the Third International Barcode of Life conference hosted in Mexico City, November 10-12 2009. 

In order to present all these types of information in the most orderly fashion, we've compiled the following suggestions.
  • View powerpoint files by clicking on the hyperlinked title; view video files by clicking on "Video".
  • Try sorting discussions by the tags below. Clicking on 'Session A' will display all the technical sessions from Session A, held Tuesday afternoon. 
  • To review all the files in one place, try downloading a copy of the hyperlinked Table of Contents in PDF format.
  • A selection of articles from the Third International Barcode of Life Conference were published in the December 2010 issue of  Mitochondrial DNA, Volume 21, Number S1  and are available in PDF format.

Viewers, have comments or questions on a particular presentation? Simply add a comment for the presenter to answer.

Presenters, have associated data files or updates? Simply add a comment with hyperlinks to published papers, data sets, or a simple update for interested viewers.

Any questions or comments can be shared as a reply to this discussion post, or sent directly to Kristin Jett

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