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Hi alll......

It's my first post on barcode of life.

I wanted to know the DNA compatible collection fluid for the thrips tabacci..

I am going to collect some samples from different locations of India. 

I tried before in ethanol, water, Ethanol-acetic acid.

But i found something wrong during next procedures.

Please do reply.

Thank You

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there is no ideal collection fluid - every one has some drawbacks.

it would help to know more specifics on what you tried and what the results were.

types of ethanol, what the spectrophotometer measurements and gel images of the extracted DNA were, etc


in general:

water - NO

ethanol - yes, if both non-denatured and 95% or greater; but shipping problems potentially.

RNA later ,yes, in theory.


salt buffer - yes, recipe below


for all: helps to make sure you are preserving the right body parts, and in timely fashion.


Salt/DMSO Storage Buffer Recipe

20% DMSO

0.25M sodium-EDTA

saturated NaCl

pH 7.5

Citation: Seutin, G., B.N. White and P.T. Boag.  1991. Preservation of avian blood and tissue samples for DNA analyses.  Can. J. Zool. 69: 82-90.



Thanks lee.... it's going to help me all the way....





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