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Actually i get negative PCR results for my Medicinal Plant DNA templates.I do extract DNA using CTAB-PVP and phenol:chloroform extraction methods. Also purification steps are carried out by giving RNase treatment. How to sort out this problem?? either by altering the PCR conditions or by modifying extraction buffer composition or the dna isolation steps, in order to get pure DNA??

Note: The template DNA is not obtained in the pellet form for most of the samples.They are either in jelly form or becomes mucilagenous once after the pellet is dissolved in TE buffer.

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hi nice to meet you here. the dna extraction is the major step in bar coding. first isolate the total genomic dna by using various kit based or general lab protocols you will get good yield. and use proper PCR conditions better to avoid master mixtures. buffer concentrations are very important maintain specific PH ok all the best


Thank You for the information !



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