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Dear all, i did my Ph.D., work in earthworm molecular sequencing by using 658 bp of COI gene, so i keep the term DNA Barcoding in my thesis title. when my synopsis presentation some people were not satisfied and they were suggest me to reconsider the term DNA Barcoding, now my question is, can i use the term DNA Barcoding in my thesis title or not?

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Hi Sathis,

I suspect those people were not satisfied because perhaps you have not worked on the region of COI that is 'officially' recognised as the DNA barcode. You have to amplify that particular region to be able to say that you are doing DNA barcoding 'sensus stricto'. However, if you are trying to achieve the same goal using a slightly different region or even another gene, you can still say you are doing DA barcoding but you need to mention that you are talking about DNA barcoding 'sensus lato' which means DNA barcoding in a more general sense. I work in earthworms as well and I have used COI but also other genes such as 16S, to delineate species and in all cases I have called that DNA barcoding sensus lato. You can refer to the paper below, it gives a definition of DNA barcoding sensus stricto and sensus lato. Whenever I talk to a DNA barcoding purist, I wave this paper as a reference.

(Valentini, A., Pompanon, F., & Taberlet, P. (2009). DNA barcoding for ecologists. Trends in Ecology and Evolution24(2), 110–117.)

Hope that helps.



Thank you sir, thanks for your valuable reply, actually I did 658 bp of sequence from COI gene in earthworm tissue, totally I attend sequencing in 4 genes (3 to 4 replicates in each species) from each five different earthworm species. namely COI, 16S RNA, 12S RNA and Cyt b, of them I got gene amplification only in COI and  12S RNA during PCR, I used universal primer for PCR amplification, all sequences were deposited in NCBI GenBank and all sequences were distance analysed by using the software MEGA 5.    In my Ph.D. work i included sequencing of COI and 12S RNA. so only i used the term DNA Barcoding in my thesis title. (Valentini, A., Pompanon, F., & Taberlet, P. (2009). DNA barcoding for ecologists. Trends in Ecology and Evolution24(2), 110–117.) this article already with me sir, based on this and Huang et al 2007 I designed my research work.

sir one more request, almost I completed my Ph.D., here after I am searching Post Doctoral Fellow, so is there any possible to do my PDF programme under you or your friends please let me know sir.

once again thank you sir.

with regards


if you done barcode means sequencing submite for accession you will get no then you can keep the term.



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