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Hi hope all had blast in fourth conference. As dna barcoding technology have been expanded and it almost touched every aspects of tree of life, one group that remained isolated is bacteria. Although the problems of barcoding is discussed @, the article promises to define a barcode gene for this prokaryotic group in near future. I wish to know is there any such gene in practice? In 2010, when Chikungunya viral infections were high in India, I attempted to define a barcode gene for this virus Hope i succeeded with few success. I am very much interested to define and produce DNA barcodes for bacteria, especially for marine bacteria. I hold 84species of freshly isolated marine bacteria from bay of bengal and its 84 16SrRNA sequences. Many species of same family shared 2% to 0.5% variation which overcome the species boundary of 3% variations. I kindly request all learned members in this group to help me define and target a particular gene for bacterial barcoding. I have rpoB gene in my mind, and have either positive points nor negative points to support it. So please help me to sort out the problem? could it be solved is another question poping up now? :-)

Thanks for the reply.

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Hi Prasanna Kumar,

I am working in marine bacteria and assessed DNA barcode (rpoB gene) to identify (you can found my abstract poster in the conference web -C7). The rpoB showed promising result however as the new marker it still need some improvement(s). The idea for DNA barcode for bacteria is find the core gene (as has been described in Rodoni's presentation in the conference)..I am very pleased to discussed further with you.

We are starting a barcoding project for Bacteria in Egypt and we dont know from where to start, which genes?

@ Dr. Hosam Osama Elansary

Nice to know we are in same track and facing same problem. Please do check out "marine barcoding" group for my post ( Lets hope soon we vll solve the problem.




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