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Announcement: FREDIE - 'Freshwater Diversity Identification for Europe' launched

Hello all,

I would like to introduce a recently started barcoding project:

FREDIE stands for 'Freshwater Diversity Identification for Europe' and aims to provide an online available identification system for all European freshwater fishes, freshwater molluscs and mayflies.

It is aimed at setting up - and critically testing - a voucher-based DNA barcoding reference system based on freshly collected material, but also on already available material.

To this end, DNA barcoding will be combined with alternative molecular genetic markers and associated morphological characters to develop an intuitive, sustainable platform for everyone to reliable identify the source species of a given DNA sequence.

We are always looking for partners who want to partcipate in this pan-European initiative. Please have a look at and contact us if you are interested in a cooperation!

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