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This discussion is devoted to gathering community input on a proposed process to develop an international society that would coordinate and promote activities of the DNA barcoding community.

A half-day workshop on the future of DNA barcoding was held on 17 August 2015 in conjunction with the Sixth International Barcode of Life Conference in Guelph, Canada. The workshop continued the discussion that began at the Fifth Barcode Conference in Kunming China on possible formation of an International Society of the Barcode of Life (ISBOL).  

The authors of the 2013 Kunming Declaration (De-Zhu Li, David Castle, Bob Hanner and Pete Hollingsworth) have developed the attached document and invite your input on the idea.  Several other discussions have been opened alongside this one to stimulate discussion on some specific issues raised in the attached document.  These are:

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I hope people will use Connect to indicate their level of interest in ISBOL!

  • Would you join a Society for the Barcode of Life?  
  • Would you pay membership dues to it?  
  • Do you think people will participate in its Working Groups and committees?

Organizing a new society is a lot of work for a small group of people.  Everyone has a lot to do so let's be sure there is strong interest and willingness to participate before we ask them to build a new organization.



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